Not only offers end to end Financial Support but also helps computing financial security.

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Not only offers end to end Financial Support but also helps computing financial security.

CFO Angle helps to raise debt funding from any nationalized, private or NBFC and which can be secured, working capital limit, loan against property or an
unsecured loan.  

Study, generating understanding, working out possible solutions, convincing leading financial institutions and ensuring execution of end to end project for financing. 

Our partners are corporate experienced, so they ensure that company is Bank compliance-ready and best business and bank practices are implemented now or corrected so that in future all loans are approved seamlessly.

In project finance, we not only help to raise funds for a specific project but also helps to prepare all the documents and make the detailed projections.

Study and helping in structuring existing loans so that they are most cost-effective and efficiently utilized.

When the business is in bad times or the cost of interest is higher, and the company is not able to sustain the pressure a professional banker helps to renegotiate on your behalf and structure the loan.

For companies who are NPA and have no potential of making the full payment to the bank, we in CFO Angle help on behalf of companies to negotiate with banks for settlements.

Our loan experts help both purchase and sale of companies and help where there are opportunities of companies purchased by companies of similar or diversified business. We help pre and post-merger activities.

Company Capabilities

CFO Angle provides specialized services in the areas of Business Finance, Banking, Legal and Insurance. We not only deliver high quality services, but also do it with utmost sensitivity to client’s constraints.

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