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Covid-19 Pandemic


Start With Confidence

CA/CS Assisted | 4.8/5 Rating

Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted businesses across the globe, with revenues dropping, static cost, tight cash flows, low employee morale, and many other issues related to business continuity. But, the good part is that it has also allowed businesses to rethink their current business strategies on “Cost,” which is ignored during good times.

We categorize business activities and its costs into the following categories



The core activities are part of the organization, and it controls the business.  Non-core are an integral part of the business but mostly comes after the business.  Over the past few decades, large MNC’s have started bifurcating core and non-core activities and moved to a model where an agency or a group of professionals are hired outside the business to manage this.  This process is called “Outsourcing.”  Slowly small and medium companies with turnover ranging from 2 Cr to 200 Cr also started to look for options of moving non-core activities through “Outsourcing.”

Why you consider outsourcing


We in CFO Angle Outsourcing services, we help the organization to pick its non-core, repetitive and standard but essential functions like:

As a specialist and subject matter expert, the CFO Angle team designs solutions based on the business continuity requirement of the client.

CFO Angle’s solutions always work on the following principles

List of Accounting Services

The activities involved in bookkeeping includes:

In CFO Angle, we manage Outsourced bookkeeping

Accounting and Management Information Services (MIS)

Tax preparation & filing

CFO Angle provides end to end tax Service where our tax accountant and tax advisor help our clients in Bangalore and all India for all tax and related matters.  We ensure:

Accounts Receivable Services

In CFO Angle, take outsourcing of accounts receivable services and includes:

Payroll Outsourcing

CFO Angle provides online payroll services, payroll service for one employee, payroll outsourcing services in Bangalore, India, and abroad.

Payroll Outsourcing is an activity where payroll outsourcing companies manage end to end payroll requirements of their clients. The process includes:

Why choose us CFO Angle Outsourced Bookkeeping and Accounting Services?

Our company is founded by Mr. Sachin Gupta, who had been CFO and Finance controller in India and abroad before he started on his own.  His rich experience of 23 years in the field of setting-up accounting processes, internal control and risk-free environment, process mapping, and bringing substantial efficiencies, accounting software implementation, give him an edge over the conventional accounting firms as he can bring his Indian and International experience to your business. He and his team are committed to delivering the solutions which are business-friendly and can be scalable as the business grows.  CFO Angle is one of the fastest-growing Outsourced bookkeeping services in Bangalore.

Covid-19 Offer for the first three months of the contract

Note:  The minimum contract period is 12 months.  If a client decides to leave before 12 months free period is not considered.

Introduction of CFO Angle

CFO Angle is an organization represented by Sachin Gupta, who is Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, and an IIM B Alumni and brings 20+ years of vibrant & varied experience of working in India & Abroad in a different capacity. He has a team of qualified Chartered Accountants, MBA, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, Lawyers. He represents companies from the US, Australia, India as an Independent Directors in their India entity.

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Our Services Include:

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