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Subsidiary Company

A foreign entity can expand to India either through a liaison or branch office or a subsidiary company under FDI.  Government of India has set up rules for foreign direct investment in India which allows foreign entities to invest in India with certain percentage (%) of equity holdings. A foreign company can incorporate its branch in India by adding “INDIA LTD” to its existing name or come up with a new name altogether.

Documents required.

A series of documents are required for foreign nationals.  List of document is shared with the investors looking for setting up companies in India.

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Timeline And Pricing


  1. The cost structure shall be based on the number of services required by the client. For example
    1. Formation of a company
    2. Registration for the same
    3. RBI and FEMA compliances

From formation of a company to procuring human resource we provide cost effective and transparent solutions to our clients.

It is permutation of many things and will be discussed in a one-two-one meeting.

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