LLP Firms Formation & Monthly Compliances

Registration of Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is a partnership between two or more entrepreneurs with a legal structure better than a classic partnership and less complicated than a company because of its limited liability feature.

CFO Angle takes up registration for partners having limited liability.  A LLP is neither a normal partnership not a full-fledged company. One partner is responsible for only his own actions and not the actions of his partner. LLPs are governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act (LLP Act), 2008 which is monitored by the Ministry of Corporate affairs.

Documents required for Registration:

  • PAN card of all partners.
  • Address proof of all partners.
  • Utility Bill of the registered office
  • A No-Objection certificate from the landlord
  • A copy of the rental agreement.
  • Digital signature of the partners.
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Timelines:10-15 days from the date of all documents submitted to MCA.

Price:   9999 one-time

There is no good, better and best combination for a legal format of the organisation.  All registrations are based on requirements that are necessary to setup and grow an organisation. For example a LLP start-up looking for funding’s would find it difficult to attract a potential investor.

Once a company is created it comes with legal boundations and a legal process has to be followed for liquidation.

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Compliances for Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Annual Return Statement which are also the financial statements of the LLP.
  • Income Tax Returns Filings.

Timelines: Annual compliances.

Price: Cost is case to case basis on the quantum of work.  For a start-up a consolidate compliance cost effective package can be structured.

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