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Meeting with Panna and Vipul

Vipul and Panna

Meeting and discussion with Panna and Vipul for connecting each other for business.

Business Association

A registered valuer for a business association.

Team TerraBlue & Brown Leaf Ventures for funding

A first-generation entrepreneur with a personal mission to make life saving devices. CFO Angle is helping them through TX2 to raise funding for commercial launch of the product.

Karan Bindal and Nitin Garg are first generation entrepreneur and represent their company Brown Leaf Ventures Private Limited. and had been successful with creating their worth in construction. But off late they have been working very closely with entrepreneurs who wants to impact the society. In these line they have created a fund to help and support startup working for the society. This meeting is on of such step.

Business association

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Rajesh Srinivasan with Sachin Gupta

Rajesh Srinivasan, AllianceBurnish Consulting

Rajesh Srinivasan is Partner in AllianceBurnish Consulting which is into Human Resource Staffing and consulting. With AllianceBurnish we did a strategic alliance to mutually sell each other for the service we are individually into. We both go to the same contact spheres so it is easy for us to recommend each other and mutually get benefited. Rajesh is looking forward to connect us to some of the best of companies and to our dream referrals.

Rajesh is also excited to meet us as he is clear with the thoughts of how he should be approaching with his clients for the products and services he is planning to offer.

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