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Tax Consultant

A tax consultant also known as tax advisor are experts in tax law, planning and compliance with advanced training and knowledge.The services of a tax advisor are usually retained in order to minimize taxation while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.

An Overview

Today, the world is growing at a rapid pace and businesses that are making more money has opened up many gateways. Many people find tax and legal issues confusing and this is what we, tax consultants work for.
Today, the world is growing at a rapid pace so as the options of making money. More income attracts more tax, if timely tax is not paid tax authorities raise tax issues and notices. We in CFO Angle, who are certified tax consultants work for the client tax and ensure timely deposit of tax and income tax returns. Our tax advisors have detailed knowledge of all tax code, which they use for tax planning in advance.


What is the process?

Tax is complex but our tax advisor simplify it for our clients with their expert domain and practical knowledge.  Tax planning process has two phases. First one deals before year end by advising our clients on effective measures to save tax and tariffs as well as giving consultancy regarding income tax system and precaution towards unnecessary interests and penalties. The second process starts after the first one ends, i.e., after year end, the period for preparing of returns and filing them.  Our tax consultants are ready any tax related discrepancy done by our client in the previous years as well as securing the current returns by taking care of all the compliance while preparing the same.

How it benefits you?

This lot of legal and taxation works on punctuality; this simply means time saves money. We are always there to help our clients in order to save their money, as we never wait for the due dates of the returns or payments, and make sure that the same is made within the time period in order to remove the most unpopular inconvenience in the government and legal procedures. The next benefit that we provide rest within the law itself, we are always present with our clients to ensure their financial activities come within the circumference of legal compliance.

Documents Required

The documents that are needed are quite handy and are related to day-to-day chores of the business and individuals as well.

  1. Nature and activity of the business.
  2. Bank Statement
  3. Books of accounts
  4. Previous year’s documents, if any.

How CFO can help you in this regards?

We are ready to pursue any kind of help regarding client tax and audit field. We are always there for our client in order to make their work done in time without any inconvenience to the client. Such unease includes a delay in filing of returns, disputed calculation of tax, extra charges including late payment penalties and interests of the clients, misleading consultancies and many more. We in CFO Angle are always ready to remove such barriers of concern and help our client to build its file better for his own future prosperity.

Why Choose Us?

We mainly work in the city of gardens, Bangalore and are having a well-qualified team of experts for this particular field of tax and audit. We are always available to our all clients and give equal weightage to all of them disregarding any kind of revenue incurred from them. Moreover, we concentrate more on our client service rather than materialistic needs and therefore, provide better customer satisfaction. We focus more on the comfort of our clients and provide an on-call solution to the queries. At last, coming to the revenue part, all of the above comes in the nominal market fees according to the work of the client.

Starting from Rs. 1000/-

Special price for Startups

  • *Return filing for individuals earning a salary up to Rs 10 Lacs would be charged minimal fees of Rs 1,000.
  • Those earning above 10 Lacs would be charged on conditional basis.
  • Consultancy fees are charged separately.
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